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If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story (Wells)

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Orson Wells -The visionary

Born in 1915, Orson Wells is famous for his first feature film Citizen Kane. He was only 25 when he made it. Considered the greatest film ever made, Orson Wells will be remembered for this particular film, when the rest of his career is as interesting and complicated as the man was until he died in 1985.

For film scholars and historians, Citizen Kane is a new style of filmmaking opening the way to many film directors to study various forms of it and combining them into one. For others, the film is an encyclopaedia of old techniques. The man himself was a flamboyant artist, spontaneity and instinct made him unique in Hollywood and precipitated his fall because he was probably too good to be true. His voice as a raconteur was unique and haunting. Cinema, radio, theatre, illusion, writing, painting… he was a gifted genius some remember.

His immortal legacy include also Touch of Evil, The Trial, The Magnificent Andersons, The Lady from Shanghai, etc. Films that will inspire young filmmakers all around the world forever.

In these difficult times where sanitary crisis mixed with instant news and fake news seem to be the favourite game to play, Orson Wells stands out as a visionary with his docudrama F for Fake Perhaps born too early, he looks like the odd ball, out of place, independent, innovative, and perhaps the best at expressing the tumult, the fury and the passion of today’s world.

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Screenshot - 'F for Fake' 1973

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